Water Hydraulics – Hydraulic Power Units working on pure TAP WATER !

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a)Water as a Hydraulic Medium

When we speak about clean , fresh and pure fluid power what comes to our mind is WATER ! Prior to the 20th century water was the only working medium used in fluid power motion controls. With the current concerns for environment and economic concerns it’s regaining the importance in fluid power systems. Now a days water is being considered and seen as an alternative to oil because of it’s eco friendliness, ready availability, almost zero storage cost, ease of disposal, fire resistant properties and cost.

b)Users of water hydraulics

The businesses interested in – Reducing the fire hazards , reducing operating / wastage costs, minimizing the product cross contamination and meeting the government norms and regulations.

c)Major advantages of water hydraulics

Cost – Water is available at a fractional cost compared to the conventional working fluid. In addition the transportation, storage and disposable costs are almost zero !

Safety – Completely fire resistant, nontoxic ,and the user is never ever exposed to any dangerous fumes or vapors as is the case with other fluids. Even the additives used as anti-freezing agents possess almost the same properties as the water.

Insurance Costs – The insurance costs considerably come down when the stored quantity of fluids alike hydraulic oil reduces due to usage of more water hydraulic systems.

Availability – Water is readily available normally through a centralized supply in any industrial establishment means it’s available on the tap ! So very little or almost no storage cost.

Disposal Costs – In most of the developed and developing countries the norms of disposal of oil or any other fluid, are becoming more and more stringent due to environmental issues hence the disposal costs of these fluid are very high as compared to water.

Environmental Compliance – The laws continue to hold the companies responsible for the burdens they put on the eco system / environment which results in increased taxes. These are definitely reduced by using water.

Minimized product contamination – In many industries like pharma, food, textile, wood, paper etc. cross contamination of end product by a working fluid is one of the major concerns since the working fluids like oil actually can change the end properties of products produced. However water ingress is not considered as harmful as the oil ingress.

Green Image of a business – Water hydraulics usage projects the good corporate image. It not only projects but also in reality it indicates cost conscious, caring and sensitive environment friendly management.

Now a days most of the components used in oil hydraulics are available in water hydraulics. Viz. Axial Piston pumps and motors, Pressure Control Valves, Pilot Checks, Flow controls, Direction controls – hand lever as well a solenoid operated, manifold blocks, cylinders etc.

These components are manufactured by The Water Hydraulics Co. Ltd. Hull, UK and available ( with complete application engineering support ) in India through Slimline Hydrotek, Pune www.slimlinehydrotek.com