Axial Piston Water Motors

Axial Piston Motors :

These Janus axial piston motors are totally oil free, clean and completely safe to use. As a result of employing advanced materials, high velocity and loaded sliding surfaces, the range of motors can operate effectively with water as their only coolant/lubricant therefore, this removes the potential for cross contamination of the system fluid or lubricating oil. Each motor employs technology which minimises vibration and ensures a low noise yet high efficiency operation. The result is an exceptionally small, light-weight product.
Manufactured in 316 stainless steel as standard, theese motors offers excellent resistance to corrosive fluids. The materials utilized internally can be selected to suit the most appropriate combinations for not just tap water but also sea water and various other fluids.
Minimal pulsation is experienced with these units due to the multiple piston design and the high operational speeds. The physical size of the motor in comparison to the power generated offers one of the most compact drive solutions.

Axial Piston Water Motor - Full Range V 06 17
Applications :
Nuclear Industry, Naval, Oil & Gas sector, Mining Industry, Water Treatment Plants, Desalination, Fire Protection Equipments, Food Industry Machinery.

Specifications :

  • Displacement : 3cc/rev up to 225cc/rev.
  • Operating Pressure : Min. 25 Bar, Max. 160 Bar
  • Maximum Output : 120 kW.