Comatrol (Danfoss)

Comatrol a member of Danfoss group. Cartridge valves which are compact & economical components that can be used for directional pressure or flow control in hydraulic system .These valves are designed with reduced plumbing fewer leak points and easier service.

Check Valves

Check valves allow free flow in one direction and block flow in the opposite direction, Comatrol product range consists of Standard Check Valves, Reverse Flow Check Valves, Slip-In Check Valves, Inline Check Valves.
Check Valves - Comatrol
Functions :

  • Low pressure relief valve
  • Bypass for filter elements
  • Logic for load-sensing circuits
  • Anti-cavitation
  • Load holding

Product Series :
CV**, CP***, 3C**, 3CM**, RS**, 2RN**

Shuttle Valves

Shuttle valves are of two types, load shuttle valves and hot oil shuttle valves.
Shuttle Valves - Comatrol
Type : Load Shuttle Valve
Functions :

  • Logic for load sensing circuits
  • Bi-directional motor brake release

Type : Hot Oil Shuttle Valve
Functions :

  • Diverting fluid from the low pressure side of a closed-circuit hydrostatic loop for cooling and/or filtering.

Product Series :
CP***, SV**, VS**

Relief Valves

Pressure Relief valves are used as safety devices to protect hydraulic systems and components. Comatrol product range consists of Direct-acting Poppet, Differential area Poppet, Bi-directional Poppet and Pilot-operated Spool types.
Relief Valves - Comatrol
Advantages :

  • Fast response
  • Contamination tolerant
  • Low leakage
  • Low cost

Product Series :
CP***, RV**, VEN**, VME**, VA*

Pressure Reducing Valves

Pressure reducing valves are pressure limiting devices that limit pressure in one portion of a circuit while leaving system pressure unaffected.
Pressure Reducing Valves - Comatrol
Type : Direct-acting Pressure Reducing Valve
Advantages :

  • Fast response
  • Economical

Type : Pilot-operated Pressure Reducing/relieving valve
Advantages :

  • Smooth, stable response
  • High pressure capability
  • Precise pressure control with varying flow rates

Product Series :
CP***, PRC**, PRR**, PPRC**, PRMP**, PRR**

Pressure Sequence and Unloading Valves

Sequence valves usually use a pressure signal to shift a spool, thereby opening or closing a flow path at a pre-set pressure.
Unloading valves are typically used to unload a pump outlet to tank at a minimum pressure drop, resulting in higher system efficiencies with less heat generation.
Sequence Valves - Comatrol
Sequence Valves :
Functions :

  • Providing a sequenced series of operations such as in a clamp and lift circuit.
  • Use as a relief valve where the return line has high or varying backpressure.

Unloading Valves :
Functions :

  • Pump unloading in an accumulator charging system
  • Pump unloading in a 2 pump highlow circuit
  • Providing a sequenced series of operations such as in a clamp and lift circuit

Product Series :
CP***, VDP**, VDB**, AUV**

Flow Control Valves

Pressure compensated flow control valves are used to limit or regulate flow. Comatrol product range consists of restrictive-type, priority-type, and divider/combiner type.
Combination valves in manifolds for additional features such as fully adjustable flow or free reverse flow are also available.
Flow Control Valves - Comatrol
Type : Restrictive – pressure compensated
Functions :

  • Meter-in or meter-out applications to control actuator speeds.

Type : Priority – pressure compensated
Functions :

  • Used in meter-in applications, directs fixed flow rate to a priority function, such as steering, while secondary flow is available to other intermittent functions.

Type : Flow Divider/Combiner
Functions :

  • Combining flow (forward) or dividing flow (reverse) to hydraulic wheel motors for vehicle drive application ( Consult Slimline for further details )
  • Synchronizing motion of hydraulic cylinders ( Consult Slimline for further details )

Product Series :
CP***, VR**, VRF**, VRC**, HFCV**, FCH**, SC**, BC**, VDF**, 2F**

Pilot Operated Check Valves

Pilot-operated ( pilot-to-open ) check valves will positively hold a pressurized load and will release the load upon applying pressure signal to the pilot port.
Pilot Operated Check Valve - Comatrol
Functions :

  • Pilot-operated check valve will prevent leakage and lock the cylinder in position

Product Series :
RPC**, CP***, MC**, RPV**

Counterbalance Valves

Counterbalance valves will positively hold a pressurized load and will control the motion of the load based on application of a pressure signal to the pilot port.
Counterbalance Valves - Comatrol
Functions :

  • Leak-free load holding
  • Protection against hydraulic line failure
  • Protection against pressure shocks caused by external forces or overrunning loads
  • Smooth, modulated motion control when the directional valve is suddenly closed

Product Series :
CP***, CB**, VCB**, DCB**

Directional Control Valves

Directional valves are either manually or hydraulically actuated spools.
Directional Control Valves - Comatrol
Functions :

  • Directional control valves for high flow with pilot pressure controlled by solenoid valves.
  • Bypass valves for flow dividers in vehicle traction circuits.

Product Series :
CP***, CE**, DMP**, DV**

Logic Elements

Logic Elements are multi-purpose devices. These valves, when used with other cartridge valves, can create a wide variety of circuits for control of pressure, flow, and direction.
Logic Elements - Comatrol
Functions :

  • Load-sensing for a fixed displacement pump with single or multiple actuators.
  • Bypass-type pressure-compensated flow control.
  • Pump unloading.
  • Selector circuit.

Product Series :
VLP**, HLEA**, HLE**, LE**, PC**

Solenoid Valves

Solenoid valves are electrically-operated, on-off poppet or spool-type valves.

Functions :

  • Load holding
  • Blocking
  • Directional control applications

Product Series :
SV**, SVP**, HSV**, HSVP**, CP***