Hydraulic Power Units

We undertake complete design of hydraulic systems and provide assembled power units. These can be used in special purpose machines, special purpose presses, material handling systems (Scissor lifts, dock levelers), Fan Drives, Dredgers, Hydrostatic Drives etc.

We also provide power units with open and close loop proportional control for various applications.

In addition to application engineering, design and supply of standard and custom-built manifolds is a major strength. Power packs up to 40 HP, can be supplied. The success factor lies in the specially engineered manifold blocks. These state of the art blocks are designed with lowest pressure drops saving a substantial energy input. They give a wide range of application support from a small system to a large hydraulic installation consuming large amounts of power. Plug and play type manifolds are available in which even the pump (fixed displacement gear pump) becomes a part of manifold. This is a very well engineered system suitable for small maintenance presses involving one cylinder, scissor lifts, clamping systems and other special purpose machines.

Some of the points which have really made our power units stand out in the market

  • Application engineering to suit the buyer’s exact requirement
  • 3D design and layout configures the system to meet optimum satisfaction level of customer specifications, we provide this facility to limited product range.
  • Compact layouts with excellent components accessibility for maintenance
  • All systems are designed with manifold blocks to reduce amount of piping
  • Energy efficient systems with minimum wastage of power resulting in low operating temperatures
  • Components used are manufactured by all reputed companies
  • Most of the systems up to 70L tanks are made with pressure die cast Aluminium tanks for better heat dissipation and better aesthetics
  • All systems are supplied along with the hydraulic circuits anodically printed on an Aluminium sheet which makes an excellent trouble shooting tool for the maintenance team
  • Full support on systems with proportional valves
  • Excellent service back up record.

Technology is constantly evolving and in such a scenario it is difficult for maintenance engineers to keep abreast with the changes. However it is critical that they source and install an equivalent which matches with the original perfectly, or else they face the tougher, more time consuming option of manufacturing the adaptor manifolds. We collate and study the complete information on existing systems and also furnish additional information on system modifications required. Though this, may be a lengthy process, our experience proves that this invariably results in a perfect adoption of equivalent components and ultimately a minimum failure rate. We can also suggest equivalents to components used at the customer’s shop.

This involves designing hydraulic circuit, preparing the bill of material, preparing the solenoid energization charts, providing a system assembly drawing, preparing the hydraulic system manual with maintenance schedules complete with details of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly maintenance. We have been providing this service to a select few customers.

  • Special purpose machines
  • Material handling equipments like scissor ,lifts, dock levelers etc.
  • EPS Molding machines
  • Paint marking machines
  • High Rise Platforms
  • Mixers / Agitators
  • Bow Thrusters for Yachts
  • Friction Welding Machines
  • Rebar Shearing Machines
  • Concrete Mixer Drives
  • Fan Drives
  • Hydraulic clamping declamping systems
  • Special purpose machines used on generator production line
  • Hydrostatic Drives
  • Dredgers
  • Harvesters
  • Vibratory Road Rollers (Walk Behind Type)
  • Underwater ROVs
  • Static Garbage Compactor