Technical Distribution

Slimline Hydrotek is an authorized distributor of major international and national brands like Danfoss Power Solutions, Comatrol, Atos, Dynamatic (DOWTY), Walvoil and Polyhydron.

Around the world, mobile equipment manufacturers rely on Danfoss expertise for the most innovative work, propel, control and steering solutions. Danfoss Power Solutions provides high-value, high-performance components for a broad range of mobile equipment applications.
As one of the largest companies in the mobile hydraulics industry, Danfoss designs, manufactures and sells a complete range of engineered hydraulic and electronic components including: Hydrostatic transmissions, Mobile electronics, Orbital motors, Steering components, PVG spool valves.
The Danfoss team is dedicated to delivering the highest quality products for our customers. The company has 17 engineering and manufacturing facilities in Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific regions.
Slimline Hydrotek is authorized distributor of Danfoss Power Solutions and provides Danfoss Power Solutions components ranging from pumps, motors to steering units.
Comatrol, a member of Danfoss Group is the most responsive source for Cartridge Valves and Hydraulic Integrated Circuit (HIC) solution needs. Comatrol works with customers and suppliers around the world to manufacture high performance machine control solutions for mobile, on-highway, energy and industrial equipment markets.
Originally a pioneering brand in the European cartridge valve market, Comatrol is a global business built on the strength of experience and established position within the fluid controls industry. At Comatrol, product focus means product expertise, allowing us to be the market leader in HIC design and prototype speed. The comprehensive cartridge portfolio brought together by Danfoss, combines three separate product lines allowing customers to buy the best individual components at competitive prices straight from the source.
As a market leader in HIC design, Comatrol has built upon our engineering and application expertise to create a balanced offering with over 480 high quality catalog products including configurable cartridge valves and Catalog HICs to meet your control solutions needs. The Cartridge Valve line consists of a strong portfolio of solenoid, proportional, mechanical, and Cetop valves.
Water Hydraulics
The Water Hydraulics Company Limited is specialized in the onsite design and manufacture of a full range of innovative components and systems that operate on tap water without any other fluid additives. Operating in similar pressure ranges to conventional hydraulics, water systems can offer greater efficiencies reducing operation costs and minimizing component size. High linear and rotary power is achieved from compact designs without risk of fire or contamination to the environment, the product or the person using the equipment. The products are designed to existing oil hydraulic interfaces ensuring minimal engineering for interchange ability.
The Water Hydraulics Company Limited has wide experience supplying global industries such as Nuclear, Naval, Oil & Gas, Mining, Water Treatment, Desalination, Fire Protection and Food. The company is accredited to ISO9001:2015. With it’s engineering experience, highly trained and skilled workforce, together with it’s recent investments in R&D and modernization, is well placed to grow in all it’s core markets with quality products and service.
We are Master Distributor for India for a Denmark based company “SCANWILL FLUID POWER ApS” which manufactures a wide range of oil to oil intensifiers. The maximum pressure output up to 4000 bar can be achieved with the input of just 200 bar through a standard power pack. This forms an excellent roof for testing equipments, utility tools, rescue tools, splitters, clamping systems etc.
Walvoil is a leading global manufacturer of hydraulic valves and complete mechatronic systems designed for mobile equipment, agricultural machines, industrial vehicles, construction and earth moving machines, lifting and transport equipment.
Walvoil has been projecting the future of motion for over thirty years, by developing and realizing an integrated offer of hydraulic and electronic products and systems, all custom-tailored and specifically tested for each different application.
Helac is most leading company in rotary actuator technology & innovations with extensive line of compact & powerful rotary actuators offer simple and cost effective solutions to move, support and position rotating loads in many applications. Helac actuators are designed to replace multiple components and function as rotating device, mounting bracket & bearing, all in one .they feature tremendous torque output & exceptional load bearing capabilities in compact dimensions, moving parts are completely enclosed so, they can be suitable for harsh environment. Actuators
are having zero internal leakage so, no external brake required.
Dynamatic Technologies Limited designs and builds highly engineered products for Automotive, Aeronautic, Hydraulic and Security applications. With futuristic design, engineering and manufacturing facilities in Europe and India, the company is able to meet customers’ exacting requirements on 6 continents.
Dynamatic® is the market leader in the field of hydraulics. Dynamatic® products literally reach every conceivable hydraulic user in India and enjoy very high brand recognition and a large market share.
Dynamatic® is an ISO 9001(2000 ver.) company and its management systems adhere to international quality standards. The Company has a state-of-the-art production facility in Bangalore, Karnataka, which employs cutting edge technologies and highly sophisticated machinery to deliver premium quality. This facility is well equipped with excellent CNC machines and sophisticated quality control laboratories. The production process is designed to optimize time, efficiency and productivity while eliminating the non-value adding process. Total mechanization of the production process as well as the expertise of the personnel manning the machines ensures consistency in quality.
Dynamatic® has one of the most extensive marketing networks for hydraulic products in India, with 16 branches and scores of distributors and stockiest spread across the length and breadth of the country.
Kawasaki is a total systems engineering company, leading the way in hydraulics and supplying equipment for a huge range of applications including industrial, construction and marine. Each component KPM design, and every system they manufacture is the result of nearly 100 years of cutting-edge research from their own R & D facilities, but from across the entire Kawasaki Group. Combining this world-class R & D with global manufacturing means KPM can keep pushing the boundaries of efficiency and controllability to really maximize customers’ output.
Atos is a leading manufacturer of components and systems in electrohydraulics, the advanced technology that integrates hydraulics with electronics to improve the performances of modern machinery. Atos hydraulic and electronic components are designed and manufactured to obtain full consistency through a modular “meccano” concept by using a limited number of fully tested parts.
Most hydraulic components have cartridge design cartridge & modular concept means high versatility in systems assembly and easy service in the field.
Components conform to international standards (ISO, DIN, SAE, etc.) for dimensions and quality assurance and to European Directives for CE safety requirements.
Spica Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd is the youngest member of the Polyhydron Group of Companies who manufactures Directional Control Valves and Prefill Exhaust valves.
Polyhydron Pvt. Ltd (PPL) is the flagship company of Polyhydron Group of Industries (2008-2009. Polyhydron manufactures Hydraulic Radial Piston Pumps, Industrial & Mobile Hydraulics Valves and Accessories. It has an effective Stockiest Network throughout India which markets Polyhydron products.
Polyhydron Pvt. Ltd (PPL) is the flagship company of Polyhydron Group of Industries (2008-2009. Polyhydron manufactures Hydraulic Radial Piston Pumps, Industrial & Mobile Hydraulics Valves and Accessories. It has an effective Stockiest Network throughout India which markets Polyhydron products.