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Water Hydraulics


Slimline Hydrotek is the pioneering company to enter the field of Water Hydraulics in India. We are Master Distributors for India for The Water Hydraulics Co. Ltd., UK. The Water Hydraulics Co. manufactures components and systems working on pure tap water. With maximum pressure up to 160 bar, water systems are perfect solution for applications in mining, metal production, Nuclear power generation, Pharmaceutical, Textile and in Food Industries.

Advantages of Water Hydraulics:

  • Non Polluting

In case of critically controlled environment where contamination is not allowed, oil pollution due to system leakage increases hazard. Such leakages are harmful to the environment and to the product. In such critically controlled applications, water hydraulics offers supreme solution. The fluid used will be water, which even in case of leakage will be extremely safe and non-polluting thus protecting the environment, workers and product.

  • Fire Risk

Systems operating in high fire risk areas cannot adopt standard oil systems. And the non flammable hydraulic alternatives are usually highly toxic. The perfect solution is provided by Water systems. Water is neither flammable nor toxic. Hence it acts as the best substitute for oil systems in high fire risk areas.

  • Efficiency

Water, being virtually incompressible, offers excellent control with rapid response. The highly efficient transmission of water helps in reducing the size of components and power absorption for given output.

  • Operation and disposal cost

These systems efficiently run on pure tap water and hence huge cost savings is achieved due to elimination of oil. Also costs, efforts and time associated with storage, cleaning of spillages, using protective clothing for users, material handling of bulk fluids and disposal problems is eliminated by using freely available water which can be drained to domestic drain.

  • Image of the Company

Companies in the past have given lip service to environmental issues. The new ISO 14000 international standard was to prevent violations, fines, and negative publicity for non-complying companies. On the positive side it also assists companies who produce environmental friendly products and encourages the companies to reap their profits by embracing “Green Products”. There is no greener drive option available than water and hence we encourage adopting water hydraulics and support in conserving Earth!!

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